Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has identified one of the major challenges facing families in his state — the sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A — and has put the finger of blame squarely where it belongs — on the Biden administration.

Or to quote Stitt directly from his campaign plea: “Chick-fil-A has a sauce shortage. And you want to know why? Because of Joe Biden’s radical liberal policies.”

He does point out that there are other problems in the country. “Like gas stations are having mass shortages.” That’s true, but mostly because of Russian hacking into a pipeline that delivers gas from Texas to the East Coast. Apparently the governor of Oklahoma thinks his state is along the East Coast. Most Texans wish it was.

I think what he’s talking about with the sauce problem is a tomato shortage that started a year-and-a-half ago when someone else was president.

But back to blaming Biden.

“Joe Biden’s policies have REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES that he doesn’t seem to tuned to,” Stitt writes. (That first ‘to’ should be ‘too’). Yes. Real world consequences like that sauce shortage.

But don’t worry, folks, because, “here in Oklahoma, we’re fighting back against his out-of-touch agenda and standing up for everyday Americans.”

Phew. Because talk about an in-touch agenda. Gov. Stitt’s got it: The great Chick-fil-A sauce shortage. Or in Stitt’s non-sequitur: “We’re a Second Amendment Sanctuary State fighting back against PETA’s vegan agenda.”

Wait. What? Oklahoma is a sanctuary state? And where did that PETA thing come from? I know lots of gun-totin’ gays and even more gun-owning lesbians and trans folk who love a good chicken sandwich but prefer it without the hate from Chick-fil-A. With or without the sauce. Because hatin’ on the gays is why he brought up Chick-fil-A, right?

— David Taffet

The rest of Stitt’s campaign piece (just to show i’m not making this up):