This week Brad and Ryan are joined by empowerment life coach Tiffany Hendra (Real Housewives of Dallas) whose mission is to help women get out of survival mode and truly thrive! They discuss tips on unlocking talents, paying attention to what you’ve got and pressing play after the pandemic pause.

Also, Ryan talks about educating yourself and not relying on others and the hideous Arkansas anti-trans laws. Brad shares stories of The Rockettes and removing negative “fake friends” from your life.

Tiffany Hendra’s Homework — The 3×3 Routine
(Total Time: 6-minutes first thing in the morning)
Step 1: Don’t touch your phone
Step 2: Take 3 long breaths in and out
Step 3: Think of 3 things you are thankful for
Step 4: Visualize your 3 goals for the day
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