Lupe Anthony Zavala, left, and Jamie Israel Saenz are two of the three suspects facing capital murder charges in the May 27 shooting death of Nicholas Edwards.

Three men have been arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with the May 27 shooting on Mahanna Street that left 29-year-old Nicholas Edwards dead.

Dallas arrested Jamie Israel Saenz, 17, and Lupe Anthony Zavala, 18, on Friday, June 7. A third suspect, Carlos Rodriguez-Quinones, 19, was already in jail on unrelated charges. Homicide detectives added the capital murder charge to the charges he already faced.

Edwards was shot shortly after midnight on May 27 in the 3100 block of Mahanna Street, near the intersection of Mahanna and Cedar Springs Road. Witnesses told police they saw two men get into a red Dodge and drive away toward Lemmon.

According to the Dallas County Jail website, bond was set at $350,000 for aggravated robbery charges and $500,000 for capital murder charges for Saenz, and bond for Zavala is set at $250,000 on capitol murder charges.

The jail website has information on an inmate named Carlos Rodriguez who is the same age as the suspect charged in Edwards’ murder, and indicates he faces a variety of charge, include aggravated assault on a family member and probation violation related to drug charges. However, there is no capital murder charge listed on the website.

— Tammye Nash