Donnie Romero in a 2014 video

The pastor at Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth has resigned after being caught sleeping with prostitutes, gambling and in possession of marijuana.

In 2014, we reported on Donnie Romero who moved to Fort Worth to plant hate at Stedfast Baptist Church with a message of violence against the LGBT community.

The video he posted at the time showed him standing in front of a wall in his living room preaching mostly to his own family. Following our story and other local reports, the Southern Poverty Law Center named Stedfast an anti-LGBT hate group.

In 2016, he condemned the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando with words that got him lots of the publicity he was craving. It also prompted a group of North Texas activists to protest the following Sunday morning outside his church in a strip center in Sansom Park (on the northwest edge of Fort Worth).

Now, he’s resigned after his own moral behavior has come into question. Preaching violence wasn’t enough to disqualify him from the pulpit, but sleeping with those prostitutes will do it every time.

According to the Star Telegram, he’s very sorry for the hurt he may have caused people in his church. No word on the hurt he caused people outside his church. He plans to remain a member of his church. Again, no word on whether anyone else plans to remain a member of his little church.

At the time of his arrival in Fort Worth, counselor Candy Marcum wondered what behaviors of his own he was repressing that made him preach violence. Now we know.

No charges have been filed against Romero yet.

— David Taffet