Frederick Frazier, who is running for Texas House from District 61 in Collin County, is under federal indictment for impersonating a code compliance officer and was investigated for excessive use of force multiple times as a Dallas police officer.

According to his opponent, Sheena King, Frazier was indicting in June for impersonating a public servant.

And, according to the Dallas Morning News, he was investigated nine times for brutality during traffic stops mostly against Black men. After appeals, Frazier wasn’t punished for any of the incidents and remains on the police force.

After his indictment, Frazier was put on administrative leave by DPD.

In a campaign press release sent after a story on Frazier appeared in the Dallas Morning News, King wrote, “Reading additional information about my opponent at the end of our race paints a very clear picture of who he is as a person, which is not reflective of a good leader or police officer – and is certainly not who we deserve as an elected State Representative.”

Would Collin County voters elect someone under indictment? Sure. The county overwhelmingly voted for Ken Paxton in his first two races for attorney general. This year, add federal indictment and FBI investigation to his list.

Early voting begins on Monday, Oct. 24. Some Collin County voters will have more than one indicted politician to vote for. Or in the Texas House race will they choose a Democratic Black businesswoman?

— David Taffet