So. We all know that the Tennessee Legislature recently passed a bill severely restricting drag performances. And we all know that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee gleefully signed that measure into law, even though he himself dressed in drag when he was in high school, “just for fun.”

And while drag queens are dangerous and must be kept away from children at all costs, everyone should have a gun. Lee continues to oppose any sort of common sense gun control efforts, even though (according to, “Every day, 22 children and teens (1-17) are shot in the United States.” Even though on March 27 of this year, three of those children — along with three adults — were murdered in a mass shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn.

We also know Gov. Lee opposes the teaching accurate U.S. history in schools — you know, acknowledging that slavery was a real thing and that racism and other kinds of bigotry and discrimination really do exist.

What you might not know is that Gov. Bill Lee does not own the website I don’t know if he did own it and let it expire, or if he never owned the site or what. But it was up for grabs and somebody grabbed it.

That somebody was Toby Morton, and now Morton is using to royally roast the Tennessee Republican.

The website’s home page opens with a large headshot of Lee, with a small rainbow flag in the corner next to the words “Governor Bill Lee, Equality For A Few.” Scroll down to find a rainbow flag background behind short blurbs titled “My Racism,” “My Homophobia,” “My Drag Past” and more.

Be sure to scroll through the “testimonials” at the bottom of the home page, too.

There is an “About Me” page, a “I Hate Gays & Muslims” page, a page on guns and more. There are also pages for “Proud Drag Boys,” a book by Morton that “follows a young boy as he learns the ups and downs of being different and embracing empathy.” And another that details an event planned for May 7 in which drag queens will do a live reading of Morton’s book.

Under the “More” drop-down menu you can read Morton’s explanation of when and how he purchased the domain, how he has also since managed to buy domains for Tennessee’s Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, Congressman Andy Ogles and Congressman William Lamberth — all Tennessee Republicans — and what he plans to do with those websites.

It is, simply put, a brilliant coup. You should check it out. There are links where you can donate via PayPal, Venmo and CashApp if you want to help Morton spread his message far and wide and defend his websites against those who would shut him down.

— Tammye Nash