Abounding Prosperity Inc. has set up a GoFundMe page for anti-transgender hate crime victim Muhlaysia Booker

Abounding Prosperity Inc.’s CEO Kirk Myers this morning laid out a plan to respond to the  aggravated assault at a South Oak Cliff apartment complex last Friday, April 12, on Muhlaysia Booker, a transgender woman who lived at the complex.

In a statement released via email this morning, Myers said his organization is “appalled by the recent mob-style attack” on Booker, adding that is is “most alarming and problematic that many of our community citizens were engaged in recording this barbaric incident and also ridiculing Ms. Booker with hateful rhetoric and pejorative slurs. … we unequivocally believe that no human life should ever be subjected to the abuse and treatment Ms. Booker so unjustly received.”

Myers continued, “We are glad to know that an arrest has been made. As a community-driven and action-oriented organization, AP Inc. is an active participant in seeking justice for Ms. Booker.” His organization will, “effective immediately … institute the following plan of action and requests the support of the LBGTQ community and our allies.”

Abounding Prosperity’s plan of action is includes:

  • Convening a group of activists in the transgender community Monday, April 15m at Abounding Prosperity, Inc. Corporate Office to discuss steps doing forward.
  • meeting with Dallas law enforcement to demand this be investigated as a hate crime under the Texas Hate Crimes Act. (According to LGBT Liaison Officer Amber Roman, the assault has already been tagged as a hate crime.)
  • meeting with Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot and “demand this offense be treated in the most serious matter and that the charges be enhanced as a hate crime with all related penalties. We demand that Ms. Booker’s assailant(s) be brought to justice and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
  • providing Booker with the necessary legal and community services that she “will require during this adjustment period.” (AP Inc. leaders met with Booker on Sunday.)
  • establishing an official GoFundMe site to assist. Booker in “securing the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter.

“While we recognize that the value of life is equal and not determined by gender identity or sexual orientation, we all are aware of the social realities which diminish and devalue the lives of our trangender citizens,” Myers said. “AP Inc. takes all such incidences seriously and recognizes that through this injustice, we must find the strength and resolve to take strategic and non-violent action to address the various issues impacting LGBTQ people in our communities and at the hands of our justice system.”