To our readers:

We regret that our new website is performing below our standards.

The site is being synced as they correct broken links and some data that did not transfer correctly. It is indeed causing loading delays. When the site was initially switched it was loading extremely quickly and was faster than the old site because we moved to a new, more powerful server.

Once we have the bugs worked out, I think you will find it will perform as you expect. Please be sure you are running the latest version of your preferred browser to optimize loading right now. It will not fully correct the problem, but it will help marginally.

The changes we made to add more photos, videos, community blogs, reader-generated content and more features are in response to requests from readers. Organizations have requested a centralized calendar function that allows them the ability to post events directly to our site.

We believe the changes that we made will serve our readers and community.

I hope you will stick with us a little longer and allow us to make the changes as effective as possible.

We appreciate your patience.

— Robert Moore, publisher