Yeli Marshall, right, and her Yelibelly Chocolates crew, Sabrina Ganzzermiller and Stephanie Peacock

So my favorite chocolatier — Yeli Marshall — and her crew are gonna be offering up two of my favorite things — Yelibelly Chocolates and whiskey — together over the next week, in two separate events.

On Thursday, Aug. 6, Yelibelly Chocolates teams up with Basil Hayden’s Kentucky bourbon whiskey for a bourbon-and-chocolate pairing featuring three of their expressions. “This is our first public bourbon pairing, and we are excited to start off with a bang working with a company like Basil Hayden’s,” Yeli said.

Tickets start at $15 and are available here.

Then, the very next day, on Friday, Aug. 7, the Yelibelly team will be working with Jura Whisky and their single malt specialist to “explore scotch and chocolate pairing,” Yeli said. “Jura is a really bold whisky, and we are excited to have three of their drams — Jura 10, Seven Wood and 18-Year — ready to deliver to you.

These tickets also start at $15 and are available here.

— Tammye Nash