San Antonio police arrested Jose Rincon Hernandez, 44, of El Paso in relation to the shooting of two men and a woman outside San Antonio gay bar Pegasus. He is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


Two men and a woman were hospitalized shortly after midnight this morning (Monday, Oct. 8) when an argument at a San Antonio gay bar ended in a shooting. The three were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, according to KSAT Channel 12, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio.

But news reports vary on exactly what happened and where leading up to the shooting.

The manager of the Pegasus bar told KSAT there was “an altercation” between two groups of people buying tacos outside the bar, with one man being called a racial slur, and as a group left the bar, someone driving away in a red Nissan fired about eight shots toward the bar.  According to KSAT, police said none of the three who were injured were part of the initial confrontation.

KENS Channel 5, the CBS affiliate, has published a slightly different story, though, saying that according to police, the fight started inside the bar, and that a man and a woman left the bar, firing shots at the club as they drove away. Channel 5 also identified the vehicle as a red Nissan, and said the suspects fled south on North Main.

KENS Channel 5 reports that of the three injured in the shooting, one man was shot in the calf and the other man and the woman were both shot in the arm.

And Fox 29 is reporting that the fight started as an argument between two men standing in line to buy tacos at a food truck because one of the men couldn’t make up his mind what to order. Witnesses told police security guards from Pegasus broke up the fight. They said one of the men walked away but then came back with a gun and “fired three shots into the air.”

The bar’s manager, identified as Mike Rodriguez, told Fox 29 that as he was trying to get people inside the bar and out of harm’s way, the man with the gun got into the red Nissan and drove around the block before coming back and opening fire a second time, wounding the three victims.

Pegasus nightclub is located in the 1400 block of North Main in San Antonio. According to the bar’s website, it is “the oldest undefeated bar still standing on The Strip,” with “top quality theme bars, a camp atmosphere with friendly staff, great music, and fun for all over 21 years of age.”