EDITOR’S NOTE: This list has the most recent information available to us at this time. We will update as possible. Watch for updates to listings, which will be added in bold.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday, May 19, that Texas bars can begin reopening Friday, May 22. But not every bar owner is rushing to swing wide the doors.

Some LGBTQ bars are still weighing their options, while some have already given a definite no. Still others are saying they will be open on Friday. And one bar won’t be reopening at all.

As of Thursday morning, May 21, this is where the bars stand:

  • Zippers, on Fitzhugh at Travis Street, is closing permanently, owner Lonzie Hershner announced via Facebook post on Wednesday, May 20. Hershner said the bar’s landlord was unwilling to work with them on rent following the two-month closure forced by the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • The Tin Room on Hudnall and Marty’s Live on Maple, both also owned by Hershner, will reopen Friday, May 22.
  • The Liquid Zoo Bar and Grill on Maple will reopen Friday, May 22.
  • The One-Eyed Penguin in downtown Dallas will reopen Friday, May 22.
  • The East Bound and Down Ice House on Ross Avenue is reopening Friday, May 22.
  • Kaliente on Maple Avenue is reopening Friday, May 22, and has a show featuring Nicky Lauren scheduled Friday and a show featuring Catharaita and her Diamonds on Saturday, May 23.
  • Austin Ralph, owner of The Urban Cowboy Saloon in Fort Worth, said that the bar will be open Friday and Saturday but with certain limitations. The bar is open Friday, May 22, for a by-invitation-only event, and Saturday, May 23, only to those with reservations. Information on dates and limited hours beyond Saturday will be posted on the bar’s social media pages. For a reservation for Saturday, contact the bar via Facebook.
  • Dallas Woody’s Sports and Video Bar is not opening this weekend but will open on Tuesday, May 26.
  • Changes Bar in Fort Worth will not open this weekend but will open next Wednesday, May 27.
  • Club Reflection in Fort Worth is not re-opening yet.
  • The Hidden Door on Bowser Street, which has been completely remodeled during the shut-down, will not reopen until July 1.
  • Alexandre’s on Cedar Springs Road will not open this weekend.
  • The Grapevine Bar on Maple Avenue will not open this weekend.
  • Bars operated by Caven Enterprises — Station 4/The Rose Room, JR.’s Bar and Grill, TMC: The Mining Company and Sue Ellen’s — will remain closed for now and managers will re-evaluate the situation later.
  • The Round-Up Saloon will remain closed for now and re-evaluate the situation on June 1.
  • UPDATED: Pekers Bar on Oak Lawn Avenue will open June 1 at noon.
  • Dallas Eagle will remain closed for now and re-evaluate the situation on June 1.
  • Los Rieles on Military Parkway is not opening this weekend.