BJ’s in 2003

Dallas Voice first began publication in 1984. When was the first time you did something? Or the last? We asked people. Here’s what they said.

1984… Don Ritz, William Marberry and I publish Dallas Voice’s first issue.

Robert Moore

1985… saw drag queens racing down Cedar Springs in high heels at Razzle Dazzle.

Michael Shippy

1988… last drank alcohol.

Bradley Campbell

1989… first went to a gay bar.

Kim Wickware

1990… met my future husband … and we have been together ever since.

Paul von Wupperfeld

1993… moved away from my family in Asia and started my new life in the U.S.

Tanveer Rahman

1994… attended 10 funerals/memorials for people who had died from AIDS.

Dick Lauder

1995… came out and saw my husband at The Brick.

Wendy McDuffie

1999… graduated from Walt Whitman High School, the first gay chartered high school in Dallas.

James Casarez

2000…first (ahem) drove through the Kalita parking lot at night.

John de los Santos

2002… first walked into a gay bar.

Shane Allen

2004… started my consulting company, which I was able to sell in 2017.

Mike Hernandez

2005… was hired as a proud lesbrarian at the Oak Lawn Library.

Karyn Choi

2006… won a jury trial, and received a formal apology from Chief David Kunkle, following a gay shakedown and extortion perpetrated by corrupt Dallas cops.

Rawlins Gilliland

2008… fell in love with my first girlfriend.

Emily McGaughy

2013… retired after 38 years of teaching.

Phillip Hearne

2014… had lunch with Bette Midler. She was Divine… I was da idiot.

Chad Mantooth

2016… married my husband.

Craig Lynch

2018… convinced the man who completes me to launch Casa M Spice Co.

Manny Hernandez

2019…. took a job in a hotel where I actually have an office! And the first time I really felt appreciated for what I bring to the table.

Leann Berry