Uptown Emergency Room
3607 Oak Lawn Ave. • 214-217-1818 •

We all have medical emergencies that fall outside our primary care physicians’ normal office hours, and making a split decision about where to get help can be stressful. But our fine readers have taken some of the guesswork out of that high-pressure decision, recommending Uptown ER. More than just a walk-up doc-in-a-box, Uptown is a total freestanding emergency room, staffed by medical doctors and support personnel that can attend to virtually every necessity without the inconvenience (or usually wait time!) of a hospital ER — all kinds of imaging, defibrillation, pharmacy services and more, including admitting privileges to local hospitals while accepting most insurance. Best of all? It’s available 24/7/365.  

— Arnold Wayne Jones

LA Fitness
2690 N. Haskell Ave. (and other locations) •

For some in the queer community, gym = church. Minus the obvious snarks of cruising the hotties and steam room tales, this is where the gays get stronger … and not only physically. We all like to look at the hardbods and think whatever, but with its proximity to the gayborhood, LA Fitness — offering one-stop shopping with racquetball and basketball courts, an indoor pool, spa and juice bar — has not only helped people maintain their abs, it’s helped folks find their own confidence in themselves — and what’s more sexy than that?

— Rich Lopez


Best General Practitioner
David Lee, MD
Uptown Physicians Group
4144 North Central Expressway, ste. 750.

Best Dermatologist
Farhad Niroomand, MD
Uptown Derm
4144 N. Central Expressway, ste. 855.
Open weekdays at 8 a.m. (7 a.m. on Fridays).

Best Dentist
Eugene Tseng, DDS
3300 Douglas Ave., ste. A.

Best HIV Specialist
Gene Voskuhl, MD
219 Sunset Ave., Ste. 116A.


Best Counselor/Therapist
Candy Marcum, L.P.C.-S., L.M.F.T.-S.,
L.C.D.C., Stonewall Behavioral Health
3625 N. Hall St., Ste. 540.

Best Optometrist
William Henderson, OD
Uptown Vision
2504 Cedar Springs Road.

Best Chiropractor
Michael Shippy, DC
4000 W. Park Blvd., Plano.

Best Personal Trainer
Robert Elorduy
3112 Swiss Ave.

Best Cosmetic Practitioner
Advanced Skin Fitness | Bill Moore
2928 Oak Lawn Ave.

Best Group Medical Practice
Uptown Physicians Group
4144 North Central Expressway, ste. 750.

Best Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy
3133 Lemmon Ave.
(and multiple other locations).

Best Yoga Studio
Uptown Yoga
2636 Thomas Ave.