Twisted Drag Brunch takes place at Twisted, 6520 Cascades Court, The Colony on Saturday, July 23 at 1 p.m. Here’s the link for tickets if you’d like to go and have a good time. Tickets are available here.

That’s the good news.

Big surprise but protests are expected. Protesters have been showing up on Cedar Springs Road. Of course they’re coming to The Colony. Unless they decide it’s just too far to drive. The Colony police have been notified and will help with any crowd control.

Organizer Shane Allen wrote on Facebook:

The hate runs deep with some people. There are threats from a couple of groups that they are going to protest our Drag Brunch this Saturday in The Colony. We were the first Drag Brunch in The Colony, and they say we are infiltrating the suburbs and trying to groom their children— very common tropes from people who hate the LGBTQ+ community.

I know love always wins. And I know there is a lot of love in our community— both among LGBTQ+ people AND our allies. I want to pack the house this Saturday with love for our entertainers and those who support us. Whether you can buy tickets to attend or just show up in counter protest, I’m calling on my DFW-area friends and allies to help show these people that hate will not be tolerated. Will you join me?

— David Taffet