“Zeke”, left

Curtis Edward “Zeke” Brewer, 69, died suddenly on Nov. 11.

Zeke was born in Pampa. He received a Masters of Arts degree from Christian Valley University. He lived in Australia for about 30 years, founding a church there that grew to 3,000 members to become the largest Baptist church in Australia. He became a dual citizen of the U.S. and Australia. After coming out, he worked on signage for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, and his last job was the interior redesign of the Gold Coast Airport.

After retiring, he began volunteering, tutoring refugee children in composition and staffing the suicide hotline for Wesley Mission Brisbane. He cofounded an organization called Q Space for gay and transitioning teens that received national attention from the Australian government. He enjoyed time at the beach, in the rain forest, hiking and motorcycling around the Gold Coast.

He met his husband, Will Fields, in Bible college but, because of their theology, the two were driven apart. They each served as best man at the other’s wedding and then had no contact for 30 years. After reconnecting by email two years ago, Zeke returned to Texas to visit Will. In July 2017, Zeke moved back to Dallas so they could be together. The couple married in November 2017, and Zeke died less than a week before their first wedding anniversary.

Zeke is survived by husband Will Fields, daughter Shelly Swindle, son and daughter-in-law Jordan and Molly Brewer, son and daughter-in-law Nile and Jessica Brewer, sister and brother-in-law Beverly and Jerome Humphrey, and grandchildren Nathan, Logan, Marina and Noah.

Zeke’s ashes will be spread in Australia. No funeral is planned.