2018 Lifewalk

Prism Health’s Oct. 7 LifeWalk raised $400,284. Of that total, about $60,000 went to eight partner agencies to be used for the HIV-related programming and services they provide.

The funds raised by LifeWalk are unrestricted, said Chief Marketing & Development Officer Tori Hobbs. That allows the agency to use the funds to pay for services that don’t match up with grant-funded programs.

“We don’t have to say no to anyone,” Hobbs said.

If someone is uninsured or underinsured, Prism Health is able to provide medical care.

“We’ve been doing a lot of insurance assistance,” she said. “Helping people pay premiums.”

While that may be a big expense, Prism Health saves money when more of its clients are insured.

— David Taffet