The Human Rights Campaign Foundation released a study showing 92 percent of the LGBTQ population in the U.S. has been vaccinated against COVID-19. That compares to about 70 percent of overall U.S. adult population.

While rates vary somewhat between genders and race, the numbers remain high across the board.

Vaccination rates by race and ethnicity:

Latinx: 90 percent
Black: 85 percent
Asian and Pacific Islander: 96 percent
Native America/Alaskan and Middle Eastern/North African: 85 percent

Vaccination rates by gender identity and sexual orientation:

Cisgender lesbian and bi women: 92 percent
Cisgender gay and bi men: 93 percent
Transgender and non-binary people: 92 percent

Vaccination rates by age:

18-34: 91 percent
35-54: 92 percent
55 and older: 94 percent

— David Taffet