Immanuel Edens, left, and Alan Mosley. (Photos Harris County Sheriff’s Department)

Lloyd Alan Mosley died from injuries from a beating he received in Harris County jail two years ago. The inmate accused of beating him has now been charged with murder, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The attack took place in 2017 after Immanuel Edens claims Mosley made sexual advances in a holding cell where they were the only two being held. The beating caused a severe brain injury and Mosley has been comatose in hospice care since then.

Edens was being held for another assault and he was released on probation for that charge. Mosley was being held on a misdemeanor assault charge and was serving a 40-day sentence.

Edens was charged with aggravated assault, but those charges were dismissed in 2018. When Mosley died on June 4, Edens was arrested on a murder charge.

— David Taffet