Grapevine High School

While some “concerned citizens” are doing their level best to pretend this country’s racist and xenophobic past never happened and to erase the existence of LGBTQ folks altogether, the kids aren’t having it.

Students at Grapevine High School walked out of class this morning (Friday, Aug. 26) to protest new policies approved earlier this week by the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD limiting how teachers can talk about race, gender and sexuality, affect which bathrooms trans students can use and give school board members more control over what books are available in libraries, according to reports by Dallas Morning News.

Dozens of students left during third period, chanting “protect our rights” and “protect trans kids.”

With the right wing manipulating school board elections across the state and GOP elected officials like Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton trying to rig the state’s upcoming midterm elections to protect Republicans, the fact that the young people are willing to stand up and fight provides a ray of hope. Like The Who said way back in 1965, “The kids are alright.”

— Tammye Nash