The gayborhood begins to wake up after a year of slumberingunder COVID-19

As we head into Pride Month, the gayborhood is finally starting to re-open fully, after a year of COVID-19-forced closures and restrictions. We ventured out and about to get the scoop — and plenty of photos — on what’s happening and where in Oak Lawn. Check it out!

— David Taffet

(above) The big news at Alexandre’s is that Lee Daugherty has signed a lease for the space next door to his bar that used to be a donut shop. That gives the bar room to expand to accommodate larger groups. And the donut shop kitchen is being refurbished so Alexandre’s can serve food, although Daugherty wasn’t sure what kind of food quite yet.
While the bar was closed due to the pandemic, Daugherty installed a big window that opens up. And the outdoor patio is being expanded. Live music returns June 5 with Chris Chism. Daugherty said he’s lined up Jason Huff in July.


Resource Center
When the Texaco station on the corner of Cedar Springs and Inwood roads came available, Resource Center snapped up the property. Our first thought was, “Yippee, gay gas!” But Resource Center isn’t about to get into the retail gasoline business. While they’re deciding exactly what to do with the property, they’re having the underground tanks removed and tearing down the building. In their place? For now, a few trees. We’ll let you know what’s coming when the information is available.

The Rose Room’s been open for a few weeks now, bringing you the top-notch drag shows you expect. And now, the rest of the bar is open, ready and waiting for you to come dance! Employees were hard at work this week, fine-tuning the light show to make sure you have a good time.

Sue Ellen’s
After the bar has been boarded up for more than a year, the plywood has come down, and the doors at Sue Ellen’s open up again today (Friday, June 4).

AIDS Services Dallas
Debris from a fire that destroyed one unoccupied building and gutted a second building has been cleared at the AIDS Services of Dallas campus. But work has not yet begun on 18 new independent living residences ASD is building just blocks from its Revlon and Ewing properties.
Just weeks after breaking ground on the renovation, the project was put on hold by the pandemic. Then as work was about to begin in August, someone fire set to one of the buildings.
In the meantime, plans for the property have been revised. Although insurance covered a lot of the cost of rebuilding, construction materials have skyrocketed in price since last year, and the city is way behind in issuing permits.
In April, Development Director Chris Turman said he was renewing his fundraising efforts for the project and construction would begin as soon as permits are issued.