It’s 1980 and the Crossroad Market is booming. The AIDS crisis is just beginning and a group of gay men in Dallas decide they have no other choice but to respond to the moment. That little decision changed the course of Dallas and LGBTQ history and became the beginnings of The Resource Center Food Pantry,  Black Tie Dinner G.U.T.S. and the Victory Fund. Brian and Colman sit down with living legend and activist William Waybourn to unpack the story of gay Dallas in the 80s.

Today’s “activism” is essentially a process of expressing collective community grievances and disgust, feeling there’s either no control over situations or even how to react. Or hope that someone else will do it. Well, there’s no someone else. Nor is there a blueprint for creating change. It’s simple: “get out” and make sure every voter is informed on our issues and registered to vote. If there’s a message that we believe, it is “Don’t worry about rocking the boat because you are not in the boat, so rock it as hard and as often as you can.” If you don’t feel the wall at your back now, you should.