Well-traveled, handsome Kevin Luna will forever call Dallas home

Name and age: Kevin Luna, 34.
Occupation: Massage therapist and student
Spotted at: Kalachandji’s on Gurley Avenue
Rolling stone: Born in Lubbock to an Italian/Spanish father and a Mexican mother, this handsome Cancer spent his first 17 years there until he moved to Denver to be closer to his family; he lived there for 13 years. He moved briefly to California (“for love”) for a year, and after that heartbreak, he was back in Lubbock and back in school studying cyber security. He has resided in Dallas for two years.
Pride since his teens: A mischievous kid, Kevin says he was “fast” at 15, the age at which he came out. He admits to sneaking out to gay clubs when he was underaged; he was thrown out a lot, he admits. Once, his mother asked him where he had been and he showed her the curfew ticket he was issued, with the address of a gay club and told her: “I’m gay.” “I was always wild,” he grins with a flash in his eyes, “and I’m still wild.”
Destination fun: He loves to travel. Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize have been some of his destinations; Cabo San Lucas is his favorite spot so far.
Mama’s boy: His mother is his best friend; they hang out together and sometimes you can catch them in the casino slots high limit room. “Play big and win big!” “I’m definitely her son. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”
The future: Once he is finished with school he plans to work in cyber security and get back onto the dating market. He would also like to try moving to a different country, such as Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Hong Kong just for something different. But he would never give up his favorite city. “I would come back to Dallas because Dallas now is home forever.”