A recent transplant to Dallas, server Wilson Figueroa Torres thrives in a diverse foodie town

MARK STOKES | Illustrator
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Name and age: Wilson Figueroa Torres, 30

Occupation: Hospitality Industry

Spotted at: Ross and Collette avenues.

Smolderingly sexy Wilson Figueroa Torres was born in Cartagena, Colombia, the eldest child of five children. His life in Colombia was filled with love, and he is very close with his family. His interest in art became apparent early; he began painting at 8, and in high school he won awards for his work.

At your service: After majoring in hospitality management in college, Wilson’s quest for adventure led him to begin working for the Royal Caribbean cruise line. This experience allowed him to see many places around the world. This globetrotter has travelled to 52 countries (his favorite is Italy, especially Milan). He speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Family is very important to this tantalizing Taurus, and he says he would do anything for them. He is especially close to his mother, who he says his best friend.

In Colombia, he kept his sexual orientation to himself, although when his brother followed him to a gay bar and confronted him, he told him he was not upset because he was gay but that he hadn’t told him, saying “I don’t want to embarrass you, but I love you.” Now he is open with his family, and they’ve had time to accept him completely as he is.

 Newcomer to Texas: Four years ago, he married and moved to Michigan, but the relationship failed. After his divorce, Wilson migrated to Dallas — a friend had suggested that the Big D might be a good place where he could begin a new life.

Eat up: His favorite food is Thai (his next travel goal is Thailand), and his favorite drink is a vodka soda.
Wilson’s interests include photography, working out, roller blading, reading and dancing. Future plans include focusing more on his photography, and more travelling the world.

 Favorite quote: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”