Police officers at the rainbow B_G in front of Resource Center in the Dallas Police Department’s LGBT recruiting video.

Dallas Police Department is targeting the LGBT community — but only in a good way. No bar raids. No entrapment. DPD is hiring and looking for LGBT recruits.

“We have begun a campaign to recruit specifically to the LGBTQ community,” said DPD police liaison Amber Roman who worked hard to make this recruiting effort a reality. While DPD has hired openly LGBT officers since the 1990s, this is the first time the department has looked for recruits specifically from the LGBT community.

A video posted on Twitter is narrated by Roman and shows images in Oak Lawn.

“One of the things I love about Dallas is that the department needed a police force that’s representative of the communities it serves,” Roman says on the video. “I love the fact that the police department was diverse and it really attracted me to seeing myself in the uniform.”

Until a lawsuit brought by Mica England in the late 1980s, being LGBT disqualified an applicant from being hired by DPD, although even then there were gay and lesbian officers.

The Tweet says, “We are hiring! Come be a part of our diverse and inclusive family!” Click here to go to the video on Twitter. To apply, go to the Dallas Police Department website or contact a recruiter at 800-527-2948.

— David Taffet