The plaque as it hangs in the Capitol with recently added edits in black marker. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)


The Texas State Preservation Board voted unanimously today to remove the “Children of the Confederacy Creed” plaque from the Texas Capitol. That board includes the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House.

The plaque was first placed in 1959 and misrepresents the Civil War as not a rebellion and the cause of as having nothing to do with slavery.

Dallas state Rep. Eric Johnson has been asking for the plaque to be removed for more than a year.

“While I’m glad the State Preservation Board voted to remove the ‘Children of the Confederacy Creed’ plaque from the Texas Capitol, none of us in state government should be high-fiving each other or patting ourselves on the back today.  The plaque should never have been put up by the Legislature in the first place, and it certainly shouldn’t have taken sixty years to remove it.  And that’s on Republicans and Democrats alike, to be perfectly honest,” Johnson said in a press release.

— David Taffet