Pictured are, from left, Wade Chadd, Maria Chadd, David Chadd-Pritchett, Brad Pritchett, Karen Freistedt and Jim Freistedt.

Brad Pritchett and David Chadd were married Saturday, Feb. 9, at Nylo Hotel in Las Colinas. They celebrated the day with family and friends, including their parents, pictured right with the newlyweds. Pritchett said: “I grew up ’straight,’ then came out as bi, then eventually got the nerve to come out as gay. My brother is also gay. My husband took the same closet-outing path as I. His amazing sister recently came out as lesbian. Her partner, even more recently, took the courageous path and came out as transgender. [Our parents are the] most amazing set of parents anyone could ever ask for. Open, understanding, inclusive and fearless — that’s our moms and dads. Not only did they show up at our wedding proud of us, but they took to the microphone and declared their love and support for us and our entire LGBTQ community.”