Hello, my peoples. With the 4th of July coming up, as I have started to make plans for how to celebrate our country’s independence, I realized something: I never get to see fireworks shows … anywhere. As a working drag queen, I am lucky enough to be booked always on holidays. You know, the clubs gotta make theyz money, so you know I will be there to help you all celebrate the 4th, Christmas, NYE… hell, more birthdays and bachelorette parties than anyone ever wanted to be invited to.

So this year, I decided to take the 4th off and have a few friends over. When it gets dark, our little town of Midlothian is going to have a cute little fireworks show. I was so excited until I found out that this year they are doing the freakin’ fireworks show on the July 3rd! I work on the 3rd! (The Rose Room will be open on July 3 for a fabulous pre-4th performance; hope to see you there.) No big deal — sometimes I get to see random fireworks going off as I drive down I-67 and I-35. So thanks to the folks shooting off illegal fireworks. I hope you don’t blow off a finger or start a fire.

Last year, even though I didn’t get to see any fireworks, I did have a cute pool party, and I rented a bouncy house with a water slide. It was awesome. When the party rental guys showed up, they said that the kids were going to love it. I thought to myself, “Yes… yes they will — these adult children will love the bouncy house” … and they did. I have never laughed so hard as I did seeing Fantasha, the fishiest drag queen in the world, fall down the water slide. She was as graceful as a water buffalo.

Nothing proves how out of shape you are as trying to walk in a wet bouncy house and climb a rope ladder to get to the top of the slide. Then, exhaustedly, you basically just fall over the edge, down the slide and into the too-small pool. I was so worried that all of our fat asses abusing the rented equipment would ruin it somehow, so I got the extra insurance just in case. Luckily they make those things strong, and even after all of our adult asses using it all day, it held up great. Why should children have all of the fun? They didn’t have that kind of shit when I was growing up, so I made sure my friends and I don’t miss out.

We played like kids for sure, but bitch, I hurt like an old lady the next day. I remember being a kid and hearing my grandma moan and groan every time she got up from the couch. I get it now, Grandma.

Duh! Now that I think about it, I did get to see fireworks a few years ago at my friend Sweet Mark’s lake house. Between my husband and our huge group of friends, we probably had a few thousand dollars’ worth of fireworks purchased from one of those stands in Quinlan, Texas. The ones we shot off went on so long that I stopped jumping every time one exploded, proving you can get used to anything.

I remember one 4th of July when I was probably about 9 or 10. My mom took me and some cousins to the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park. We had popcorn and sodas. I think they shot the fireworks from center field all while playing the music of Journey. The smell of pot was everywhere.

I’m not sure if my memory is correct on that, but what I do remember is ashes falling from the sky in my popcorn and coke and grossing me out. Then, while looking up, I got ash in my freakin’ eye. It ruined the whole experience for me. Damn, I guess I was a pissy little bitch even as a child. Oh, well. As Lisa Lisa says, K-Sara K-Sara.

Dear Cassie, I recently had a conversation with my best friend who suffers from depression. He thinks the world is getting worse, especially for the LGBTQ+ community. Every time he points out something horrible in the world, I try to point out something positive, but I am starting to find less good in this world as well. Do you have any advice for us? Thanks, Whitney.

My dear Whitney, You don’t have to suffer from depression to feel the way you and your friend feel. I think we all suffer from it to some degree, but it must be so much harder to stay positive when you have any form of depression. I hope your friend is getting help.

I blame social media. Sure, it is great to get your news so fast, but at what cost? I’m not sure if the world is getting worse, or if we are just hearing about it more. We hear about bad news so quickly now that, before you can even take it all in, there is a new round of bad news.

Your brain is bombarded with a constant flow of negativity, and regardless of all the cute puppy and kitty videos you watch, it takes a toll.

Sadly, since the Trumpster took office, people who hid their hate behind their keyboard now feel they can come out and show their bigoted selves. Trump’s America is a scary place, especially for people of color and our LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers.

I say, turn that sadness into anger and let that fuel the change you want to see in this world. Volunteer — become an activist for something that is important to you. Get out and put yourself around people that think like you. Try to stay positive, but ask for help if you need it. You, your friend … none of us are alone in this. Stay strong!

Remember to always love more, bitch less and be fabulous! XOXO, Cassie Nova.

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