This holiday season is unlike any we have seen before. Many people are staying home instead of traveling, and those that are gathering are gathering in much smaller groups as we all work to stem the spread of COVID-19. But even now, we all want to share the tastiest treats. Towards that end, the folks at Irish cheese and dairy maker Kerrygold has come up with the ultimate in socially-distanced charcuterie — the ultimate, Irish cheese board, just individualized for each guest to alleviate any food-sharing concerns.

The folks at Kerrygold sent me all the fixings to create exactly that: six wooden boards and six small wooden bowls, so each guest can create their own cheese board, along with a variety of delicious Kerrygold products:

• Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar, aged one ear longer than even Kerrygold Aged Cheddar to create a stronger profile and packaged in black parchment to distinguish its aging and flavor profile.

• Dubliner Cheese, a mater cheddar with a rounded, distinctive flavor, including elements of the sweet nutty tones of a Swiss and the piquant bite of aged parmesan.

• Skellig Cheese, a firm yet creamy cheese with nutty, sugary and slightly piquant flavors with an extraordinarily strong finish.

• Blarney Castle Cheese, a mild and creamy gouda-style cheese.

• And a slab of Kerrygold Salted Butter, a full-flavored, sweet cream butter with a rich, creamy, natural taste perfect for baking or for spreading on a slice of bread.

They also included a traditional Le Saucisson Sec dried sausage from D’Artagnan, a package of crackers from Carr’s, a jar of gherkins from Maille and a jar of pitted Frescatrano olives from Divina. It was all delicious, and made for a beautiful holiday table.

Head over to to check out the full line of Kerrygold products and some recipes for using those products to their best advantage. You can also find a store locator on the website so once you have decided which Kerrygold goodies you want, you can see exactly where to find them — or just order directly from the website.

New Year’s Eve is coming; start getting your personalized charcuterie together now.

— Tammye Nash