The Aperol spritz had been the cocktail of the last year or two, but there’s no reason you have to go out to a bar to enjoy one, when you can make ’em at home with this combo pack of prosecco and the distinctive amaro liqueur. Just add ice, soda and an orange wheel to this kit from Sigel’s. $29.99 Available at all eight area
Sigel’s stores or Sigels.com.



A hot cup of coffee really hits the spot during the cold weather, but you can elevate your ordinary cuppa joe with a Cocoacino chocolate topper. Each disc of sustainably-sourced Beligan chocolate comes with a seasonal design and floats atop a frothy caffeinated cup… until the warmth of the coffee melts the disc and flavors your drink with rich cocoa flavor.
$10 per six disc set. Available at Yelibelly.com.



A lot of us love energy bars for, duh, the energy… but the taste…? Often not so much. But bars from Kate’s Real Food are moist, flavorful and organic-certified, made with ingredients like all-natural honey, coconut and chocolate. Among the offerings: Tiki Bar (mango and coconut), Stash Bar (hemp, flax and peanut butter) and Handle Bar (dark chocolate, almond and cherry). Each makes an ideal stocking stuffer$2.49/bar. Available at REI or KatesRealFood.com.





Just dipping your toe into the leather waters? Or are you a full-on dom? Either way, you or the leatherman in your life will appreciate a classic sentry cap, which evokes the military by way of Tom of Finland. Supple leather (available in a variety of colors) is stretched over a light metal frame with a satin lining for a piece of true craftsmanship.
$114. Available at Leather Masters, 3000 Main St. or LeatherMasters.com



Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you share intimately. The Pandora’s Box Sex Machine is just what it promises to be: A state-of-the-art sex aid that you can take almost anywhere, with its discrete storage drawers and a controller that can deliver additional stimulation with a curved ergonomic vibrating shaft. $749. Alternatives,
1720 W. Mockingbird Lane or SexySite.com.